Michael works with people in and across organizations, agencies, local government, associations, networks, coalitions, universities, institutions and gatherings. He loves to co-invent approaches to big ideas; help individuals and groups collaborate; devise ways that systems can listen to/be in relation with those they serve; support projects; translate across fields & sectors & disciplines; co-develop and co-lead teaching & training efforts; and, create/write/stage/design new stuff.

He often works around:

  • Public Engagement Strategies (Process Design)
  • Organizational Development and Institutional Transformation (System Dramaturgy)
  • Leadership Development & Learning Spaces (Coaching, Cohorts & Workshops)
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration (Translation and Partnership Practice)
  • Arts and Health (Engagement, Capacity-Building, and Program Design)
  • Facilitation and Facilitation Training
  • Creative Work

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Michael loves to get unlikely allies in a room playing together, listening together, imagining together and moving, together, towards possibility.